Overseas moving doesn’t need to be difficult



Under current ownership since 2007, we take care of over 600 international moves a year.  International moving isn’t just part of our business, it’s our only business!

Our office and warehouse are located directly in Munich, and from here we manage all our moving services.

We operate our own trucks and crews, and have regular services to the UK, France, Austria, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Italy – plus the destinations in between.

We have 12 operational staff, who are in full time employment with us.  When your Navtrans crew arrives at your residence; we know who they are and that they are honest, hardworking, capable of doing the job, and most importantly have the right attitude.

We know our success is based on our crews.  We make sure they have the right tools, equipment and materials to do a top job.

Our packing materials are high quality and unused.  The cartons included in our overseas DIY kits are specially made to optimize the space inside an overseas liftvan, airvan and container.

We are looking forward to serving you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We're happy to hear from you.



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    How we solve it:

    We offer more options to find the exact service you need.  You don’t need to pay for a full-service delivery, if you’re happy to unpack yourself.

    How you benefit:

    Our flexibility enables you to take our quality service as required.  You get better value for money by booking only the services you need.

    How we solve it:

    Our office staff have many years of international moving experience. A properly planned and managed move flows with no last-minute surprises.

    How you benefit:

    Our knowledge and guidance will avoid many problems with customs or delays in forwarding without you even being aware of them.

    How we solve it:

    Our own crews; we know the people working in your home. We can vouch for the level of their skills, their honesty and that they have the right attitude to do a good job plus we make sure they have the right tools and equipment to safely and efficiently move your goods.

    How you benefit:

    Customers who have moved several times will confirm that this gives you the biggest peace of mind during your move.

    How we solve it:

    We’ll make sure your goods are properly packed for the destination and mode of transport. We have an excellent network of suppliers in all price categories. If you are moving antiques and a grand piano we’ll base our services on a different supplier than if you are just wanting to have pre-packed cartons transported.

    How you benefit:

    Peace of mind from attention to detail; knowing that we’ve considered all aspects of your move before deciding on the resources needed.

    How we solve it:

    We manage our own warehouse with palletized storage. All our storage is inside. Our own employees check each consignment into storage, and again on exit. We are in control of the high standard of housekeeping. We don’t offer self-storage, and strongly limit the access to the warehouse. Our warehouse is temperature controlled. The humidity and temperature is constant all year round.

    How you benefit:

    Storage allows you to decide when your shipment should be delivered. Knowing where your goods are, gives you the peace of mind that they are in safe hands. A high standard of housekeeping reduces the risk of loss and damage.

    How we solve it:

    Even the best packing and wrapping skills can’t compensate for poor materials. Our bubble wrap is thick enough to prevent corners rubbing through during transit. Our book boxes will not wrinkle and collapse even if they are loaded 6 high. For further peach of mind, we offer a full insurance programme.

    How you benefit:

    High quality materials prevent damage to your goods, and should something unseen happen you can rely on our insurance programme.

    How we solve it:

    By doing it right the first time. We are proud of the job we do and the services we provide. This keeps us motivated and solution orientated to do it even better.

    How you benefit:

    You’ll feel it in our service …