We will do all we can to minimize the chance of loss or damage to your goods during your move, but there is always an element of risk, which is why we offer transport insurance to cover this.


Moving companies are liable for damage and loss occurring to the goods in their care from collection to delivery.  In Germany the liability is limited to EUR 620,00 per cbm and for incidents within the moving company’s direct control; such as breaking a plate during packing.

In case of an unavoidable occurrence, such as a road accident due to black ice there is no liability for damage or loss.

Some of the other exclusions to liability coverage are:

  1. Transport of precious metals, jewellery, precious stones, money, stamps, coins, bonds or certificates
  2. Insufficient packaging or labelling by the sender
  3. Handling, loading or unloading of removal items by the sender
  4. Transportation of goods in containers which were not packed by the removal firm
  5. Loading or unloading of removal goods where relation of size or weight does not comply with the relation of the property providing the removal firm previously notified the sender of the risk of damages, and the sender insisted on the service being carried out.
  6. Transportation of live animals or plants.
  7. Natural or faulty composition of the removal goods that readily result in damages, especially breakage, derangement, rust, inherent vice or spillage.

Liability coverage is based on the current value, which is the purchase price of the item less a deduction for the period of usage.

If the standard amount of liability coverage is not sufficient for the goods to be transported, it’s possible to increase the total by paying an additional amount.



For international moves outside of Germany we recommend a fully comprehensive transport insurance.  Unlike the liability coverage unavoidable occurrences are insured.  The premium is calculated based on the country you are moving to and the value of your goods.

We offer 3 levels of insurance policy:

Basic or Stranding coverage
Covers water damage from salt and river water, theft, robbery and non-delivery of complete consignments, container, liftvans or cartons.  This type of insurance does cover the individual breakage of items.

Current value coverage: 
Full coverage at the current value, which is purchase price less a deduction for the period of usage.

Replacement value coverage:
Full coverage as above without a deduction for usage.
For current and replacement value insurance we require a detailed list of items to be moved with purchase prices.

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