To ensure your move goes smoothly and without delays we also offer the following services as needed:


We can offer full and basic coverage transport insurance via our insurance broker who is specialised in insurance for removals and shipping.  Link to Moving Guide section.


Either in transit or as a long-term solution.  We manage our own warehouse with palletized storage.  All our storage is inside.  Our own employees check each consignment into storage, and again on exit.  We are in control of the high standard of housekeeping.  We don’t offer self-storage, and strongly limit the access to the warehouse.  Our warehouse is temperature controlled.  The humidity and temperature is constant all year round.  We can also arrange storage at your destination with our partners.


We can arrange the necessary permits and reserved space for the moving truck or container as close to your door as possible.



If your address can only be accessed by a smaller vehicle, we can arrange a shuttle service between your apartment and where the larger vehicle or container can park.


We can avoid difficult access such as stair carry from above the 2nd floor, tight internal staircase or the risk of damaging the communal area by using an outside elevator directly into your apartment.


We can load and secure your car or motorcycle onto our truck or the container for safe transport.